PyHam Paracon


Paracon is a packet radio terminal for Linux, Mac and Windows. It is focused on simplicity and ease of use, and incorporates the core functionality that most packet users need without trying to include all of the bells and whistles that few would use.

Key features of Paracon include:

  • Multiple simultaneous AX.25 connected mode sessions, allowing for connections to multiple BBS or other remote nodes.

  • Unproto (UI, or datagram) AX.25 mode, allowing for keyboard-to-keyboard chat or other non-connected uses.

  • Text-based console application looks and behaves the same on all supported platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows).

  • Uses the AGWPE protocol to communicate with any server implementing that protocol. Tested and supported with Direwolf, ldsped and AGWPE.

  • Self-contained executable requires only a Python installation to run, without the need to install any additional dependencies.


Martin F N Cooper, KD6YAM


MIT License



This application requires Python 3.7 or later.

Download the latest release from GitHub.

  1. Go to the latest release page.

  2. In the Assets section, click on the Paracon .pyz file to download it.

You may download the .pyz file to any directory of your choosing. If you are running on Linux or Mac, you may wish to place it in a directory that is on your path.

The source code is available from the GitHub repository:

$ git clone


Before running Paracon, ensure that you have an AGWPE server (e.g. Direwolf, ldsped or AGWPE) installed and running either on the same system or on a remote system to which you have access. If you do not already have such a server set up, see References below for more information.

Note that Paracon will create its configuration and log files in your current directory when you start it, not the directory in which the .pyz file is located.

To start Paracon, open a terminal window (Command Prompt or PowerShell on Windows), change directory to a suitable location for your configuration and log files, and type the following:

$ python3 <path-to-pyz-file>/paracon_<version>.pyz

Depending upon your particular system, you may need to substitute python for python3 in the above command line, and of course backslash for slash if you are running on Windows.

If you are running on Linux or Mac, the .pyz file is directly executable, so that if you have placed it in a directory that is on your path, you can simply type:

$ paracon_<version>.pyz


User Guide

The User Guide takes you through all of the functionality of Paracon, from starting it the first time to using connected mode sessions and more.


If you have questions about how to use this application, the documentation should be your first point of reference. If the User Guide doesn’t answer your questions, or you’d simply like to share your experiences or generally discuss this application, please join the community on the Paracon Discussions forum.

Note that the GitHub Issues tracker should be used only for reporting bugs or filing feature requests, and should not be used for questions or general discussion.



Direwolf is probably the most widely used AGWPE server, and includes its own performant and robust AX.25 protocol stack. It is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Open source.


ldsped is an alternative AGWPE server that runs on Linux, and relies on the Linux native AX.25 protocol stack. Open source.


AGWPE is the original implementation of the protocol, and runs on Windows. Both free (AGWPE) and paid (Packet Engine Pro) versions are available. Proprietary; closed source.

About PyHam

The PyHam name was borne of a need for unique names for Python packages that were created for ham radio enthusiasts who are also software developers. Those packages were themselves created out of a desire for a simpler way of building sophisticated ham radio applications without the need to always start from scratch. Paracon is one such application.

See the PyHam home page for more information, and a list of currently available libraries and applications.